Description of Recipe

A great way to keep tradition of having cranberries on the holiday dinner menu without it being the basic cranberry dish. A delicious option by adding cranberries to a similar recipe to our traditional wild rice dish “see blog”, it also can take the place of the standard stuffing’s.



Serving Size 8 to 10

½ cup Wild Rice (Trader Joe’s best price)
½ cup Basmati Rice
1/3 cup Organic Dried Cranberries
½ cup Blanched Slivered Almonds (toasted)
1/3 cup Green Onions or Chives chopped
¼ cup Olive Oil
½ a Large or one Small Lemon
Himalayan Salt & Organic Ground Pepper to taste



Prepare both Wild Rice and Basmati Rice as per directions on packaging (note: we like using vegetable broth for wild rice instead of water).
Once you have completed both rice’s add in the olive oil, lemon juice, cranberries, slivered almonds and green onions, mix thoroughly together. Salt & Pepper to taste
Serve warm or room temp.
NOTE: Blanched Slivered Almonds: using 1 ½ TBL of olive oil, a generous amount salt to taste. Sautéed Slivered Almonds on low temp turning every few minute until they are toasty brown.