About Us

People love familiarity, but when change is needed it can be challenging.  We (Steve Pargman & Ralph Skidmore) faced a challenge due to a health reason and desired to be healthy and strong for a long time to come.  Over the last three years, we have worked diligently to develop a lifestyle and recipes that allow us the familiarity we remember but replaced in a healthy way.   Our diet & pallets are very much satisfied.

“Make Your Mark” is a way to create your own recipes to work for your health and dietary needs. We have an eclectic MYX & MATCH of recipes to cover a variety of meals that will work for you or your family and for entertaining guests.

MYX & MATCH – We will get into this more later, we want to make things easy for our followers to be able to MYX & MATCH both recipes and ingredients to help you adapt things to your liking’s and needs.

Our goal is to continue to create recipes that can easily be followed, using a variety of ingredients to satisfy a grain free, lectin free, & sugar free diet. This can hopefully help meet your needs:  

          Losing weight

          Treating a disease

          Following The Plant Paradox

          Can fit other “health” diets with similar yes’s and no’s.

Traveling is a vital part of our lives. Travel can be difficult for anyone to stay on track.  Planning ahead is critical. We have found many ways to enjoy different countries pallets and still satisfy our dietary needs. We will share our findings with you!

No need to sacrifice anything!!!!

Steve Pargman – Is the self-trained head chef, he has been interested in food all his life.  He has always enjoyed different foods and trying new things. He lived in Taiwan for 7 years and some of the stuff he ate, oh my goodness…let’s not go there!!!!  Since retiring three years ago from our MYX Product Company, he has been dedicated to the Plant Paradox way of cooking. Steve loves figuring out the best ingredients to use when creating recipes for our Plant Paradox lifestyle.  This is his passion!!!!! He also enjoys Pilates and weight lifting.

Ralph Skidmore – Is editor, sous chef, photographer and clean up guy.  Ralph recently retired from MYX Product Division as well. He enjoys working closely with Husband Steve on developing new ideas, looking for foods in the market and playing sous chef and learning more about cooking and baking!!!! Ralph has been a vegetarian for over 35 years and gluten free for 10 (highly sensitive to Gluten).   He also lifts weights and is a Peloton Spin Master.

As we have both been in the product development business all our lives, we love newness.  We enjoy finding ways to make life better and adapt trends that make sense for our lifestyle, in addition we try to keep cost & budgets in mind. We are now focusing on “healthy” living and food !!!!

So how did Dr. Steven Gundry and his most beautiful and wonderful wife Penny Gundry fall into our lives??? Over three years ago Steve was diagnosed with a tumor.  We immediately wanted to focus on non-invasive ways of treatment: DIET. Even our oncologist in LA said we needed to focus on diet. Luckily, I had met Dr. Gundry and Penny from my spin class and once I realized what Dr.  Gundry’s passion was I asked him to see Steve and the rest is history. We have become great friends with the Gundry’s, they are very special people. We both see Dr. Gundry on a regular schedule and feel we continue to grow and learn more and more about our health and longevity. The Tumor has been status quo for three years now with some reduction, we are very happy!!!