People love familiarity, but when change is needed it is always a challenge, we (Steve Pargman & Ralph Skidmore) due to a health reason and the desire to be as healthy and strong for a long time to come, have worked very diligently over the last three years to develop recipes & a lifestyle that allow us the familiarity we remember but replaced in a way that our diet & pallet are very much satisfied.

Our goal is to continue to create recipes that can easily be followed, using a variety of ingredients to satisfy a grain free, lectin free, & sugar free diet. This can hopefully help your needs, losing weight, treating a disease or to just wanting to feel and be healthy by following the Plant Paradox, or other diets with similar yes’s and no’s.

Traveling is also a critical part of our lives and this is a time that makes it most difficult for anyone to stay on track, we make it a critical part of our trips to easily plan ahead to be able to keep on our life style. We have found many ways to enjoy the different countries pallets and still satisfy our diet needs, we plan to share our findings.


No need to sacrifice anything!!!!