A simple process to make a batch of concentrated ginger tea to last a week or two and to have ready for your daily shot of ginger.Ginger is said to have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral and many other healthful properties.


Yield: 24 cups of tea, (pending on desired strength)
1 lb Fresh Ginger
6 cups


Wash ginger thoroughly in cold water with a vegetable brush, chop roughly, add cut ginger to the food processor and finely chop. Using a medium size pot put ginger in water and bring to a boil, let simmer and cool. Once cool using a milk bag squeeze out the liquid into a medium size bowl then transfer into a glass bottle, seal and store in the refrigerator. We have found that the concentrate lasts for around two weeks.
When ready for your daily ginger tea fix, fill your tea cup with about a ¼ of the way and add boiling water, you can add a cinnamon stick, lemon and honey or just drink pure!!!! It’s also great served on ice just add concentrate, cold water or sparkling water, ice, lemon and a compliant sweetener, we prefer monk fruit.