A great grain-free bagel with your favorite toppings, such as everything, rosemary, herbs of province. Great with Italian butter or goat cheese (see below).


Yield: 11-12 Small Bagels

3 cups (336 g) Blanched Almond flour
1 cup (120 g) Tapioca Starch
2 tsp Himalayan Pink Salt (plus additional for boiled water)
2 tsp Baking Powder
1/2 Cup Warm Water
2 TBL Champagne Vinegar
2 TBL Monk Fruit Sweetener (using spice grinder to make into powder)
1 Egg, beaten

Suggested Toppings: Everything Bagel (toasted onion flakes, Poppy seeds, toasted and black sesame seeds) – Caraway seeds – Herbs De Province

Add your favorite spread such Italian butter, goat cheese log (Costco) – whip with either goat milk or almond milk to the consistency of your preference.


reheat oven to 400 F. Place parchment paper on baking sheet.

In a large 10” pot, fill about 5 inches of water with ¼ Tsp of salt. Slowly bring water to a boil.

In a medium size bowl, combine almond flour, tapioca starch, salt, baking powder and monk sugar powder. At this point use a whisk to blend dry ingredients.  Before water is at a full boil, and beginning to warm, remove ½ cup. Add the warm water and vinegar to dry mix.   Using a spoon or fork to start and then by hand to finish mixing.  Do not over knead.  If dough is too sticky, sprinkle lightly with more tapioca starch. If it is too dry, add a little more water.

Divide the dough into small balls on the baking sheet, should make about 11-12 mini bagels. Flatten each ball with your hand and mold to the shape of a bagel. Use a utensil or your finger to make a small hole in the center of each. Finished bagel should be about 2 ¼ diameter.

In groups of three or four, carefully place the bagels in the boiling water. Using a strainer, remove them from the water once they float to the top of the water, or about 1 minute. Place the bagels back onto the baking sheet.

After they are all done, bake the bagels for 10 minutes. While they are baking, put egg in a small bowl and whisk. Remove bagels from oven, brush each bagel one at a time with egg (to avoid egg from drying, needs to be wet to adhere toppings) and then sprinkle on with desired topping.

Everything Blend – Salt, toasted onions flakes, poppy seeds, toasted sesame seeds & black sesame seeds
Rosemary Blend – Himalayan pink rock salt and dried rosemary (crushed together in mortar slightly)
Herbs from Provence Blend – Salt & Herbs of Provence (we use a store brand and add a little extra lavender)

Return bagels to oven (rotate baking sheet) and bake for an additional 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, increase temperature to 425 F (220 C) and bake for another 5-10 minutes or until the bottoms of the bagels are lightly golden.