Description of Recipe

Grain free delicious quiche with a robust flavor, option of using traditional MYX pie crust (see recipe on blog), a cauliflower crust store bought or MYX pizza crust (see recipe on blog).



4 tsp Olive Oil
1 Med Brown/Yellow Onion, Sliced Thinly in half moons
8 oz. Sliced Mixed Mushrooms, like cremini, oyster or shiitake (I prefer shitake)
190 g Brea Cheese
2 Large Eggs
2 Large Egg Yolks
1 ¼ Cups goat milk
¼ tsp Himalayan Sea Salt
¼ tsp White Pepper
Pinch Fresh Grated Nutmeg

Pie Crust

See grain-free MYX pie crust recipe (see on blog)
Use Cauliflower Pizza Crust recipe (see on blog) or buy Cauliflower Pizza Crust from Cali’flour Foods



In medium skillet, caramelize onions, and towards the middle of cooking add in the sliced shitake mushrooms.
In a large mixing bowl, whisk eggs and egg yolks together. Mix in the goat milk, salt, white pepper and nutmeg.
In pre-baked pie crust or if using a store bought cauliflower crust use rolling pin to flatten out crust to make wider to fit in pan, bake for ten minutes, pour in the mushrooms, onions then add cheese, arrange evenly and pour egg mixture on top.
Bake for approximately 30 to 35 minutes (slightly toasted on top)